Aloha – E Komo Mai! Welcome!

Welcome to the home page of Hawaii Tiki Group, LLC.  We are a full service tour and media company offering custom tours, targeted Hawai’i advertising, and support to artists and artisans on Oahu and throughout the world.

In Polynesian mythology, Tiki was the first man and when he died he ruled the entrance to the after-life.  In New Zealand, tiki is a verb. To tiki is to tour around an area. Hawaii Tiki Group, LLC is more than just a tour company.  In a short time, we expect to begin publishing a weekly events calendar focused on Art , Artisans, Archaeology, History, and Culture in Hawai’i. .Eventually, Hawaii-Tiki Group will offer a wide array of arts and culture tours , archaeology & artisanal tours, classes and meetups. We might even organize pop-up galleries, pop-up shops, and artist residencies.

We are devoted to promoting a knowledge of local history, culture, art, events, and social justice. Our main focus is to highlight the beautiful and interesting cultural wonders which surround us in Hawai’i. A significant source of that beauty and wonder emanates from the spirit of aloha, the love and respect towards life, land, and people. With the spirit of aloha as our guiding principle, our mission is guided by a deep and abiding respect for human dignity, environmental, and social justice. We truly believe that the city of Honolulu, the island of Oahu, and all of the Hawaiian Islands can be a blueprint for a better world through food and energy self-sufficiency, a focus on taking care of one another, and – in a word – spreading aloha as far and wide as possible.