Hawaii Tiki Tours – Disrupting the Tour Industry

Hawai’i Tiki Tours are more than your average tours. We speciallize in showing you the things that make Hawai’i unique – in the past, the present, and the future.


Hawaii-Tiki Archaeology Tours delve into the pre-history of Oahu looking at Hawai’i before the arrival of European explorers.  Our archaeologist shows you the significant cultural and material achievements of the Hawaiian people. Delve into the history of Oahu, Hawai’i, and Polynesia and discover why the Hawai’i of yesterday can help us create a better model for the Hawai’i and the world of tomorrow.


Hawaii-Tiki Historical Tours look at the Hawaiian Kingdom,  the Hawaiian Republic, annexation by the United States as a territory and finally we will look at Statehood and the creation of modern Hawai’i.  We are happy to work with you to create a historical tour that will focus on your areas of interest and still offer you a few surprises.


Our circle island tours are with the best guides on the island. Clean, hospitable, and you are in charge of where you go, when you stop, for how long,  and who is with you.  These are private tours in clean, modern vehicles. We haven’t re-invented the wheel for these tours because we know who made the perfect wheel.  If you want to see a wide area of Oahu in a relatively short time and don’t want to do it in a bus with a bunch of strangers, this is the tour for you.


Hawaii-Tiki Artisanal Tours introduce you to the artisans, craftsmen, and artists of Oahu. We focus on your interests exploring everything from surf board shaping to lei making to soap making to traditional crafting and modern artisans paving the way forward in exciting new ventures in Honolulu’s vibrant neighborhoods.


Hawaii-Tiki Foodie Tours go beyond the standard tasting tours of old. We will take you to where Hawai’i cuisine is being invented, grown, made, cooked, and eaten. From breweries and distilleries to farms, dairies, and hole in the wall eateries – we have our finger on the pulse of Oahu’s food scene. From farm to table and from fruit to glass – this is a tour that will introduce you to the most exciting food scene in the world.


Hawaii-Tiki Oahu Sustainability Tours take the lessons of the past and an awareness of the present to offer you a vision of a beautiful future. Oahu sustainability tours look at the cutting edge of sustainable development, energy self-sufficiency, and food security from a balanced perspective. This tour offers a vision of the future of tourism. It is constantly changing and a necessity for anyone who loves Oahu, Hawai’i, or the world and wants to know what the future holds.